Consider your return to work before you go on maternity leave

12 September 2020, 4:27:16 am

Before you go on maternity leave, it is helpful to plan your return to give you a smooth transition

Consider your return to work before you go on maternity leave

Towards the end of your pregnancy you no doubt are only thinking about the arrival of your little person & can’t wait to him or her! You are also probably in the midst of handing over your role to one or many people. This can be an emotional time as it can be hard to let go & see someone else doing your job. ⠀

It is important that before you start your period of leave that you consider your return to work (as scary as that might sound & a whole other world away!). But, it is important to consider things like: ⠀
* how much time would you like to have off ⠀
do you think you might want to go back full time or part time? ⠀
* do you want to go back to a similar or different role? ⠀
* what hours do you want to work? ⠀
* what type of flexibility do you think you might want? ⠀
* how do you want to engage / communicate with the company whilst you are on leave
* are you aware of the 10 keeping in touch days & how might you like to use them? ⠀

These are all big questions & often you won’t know the answer. We suggest having a conversation with your employer / manager prior to going on leave to set some expectations and goals about your leave and also return to work. This will ensure you are both on the same page and expectations from both sides are communicated and understood. It can also help your employer plan for your arrival and do workforce planning around this. ⠀

Your perspective may change after you have bub & that is entirely natural. One thing that is important is for both sides to communicate. Keeping in touch days are also a good way to stay engaged with your employer whilst you are in leave. ⠀

Having a rough timeline for your leave & likely role for when you return will I be one less thing you need to worry about. You can also prepare for the care of your child when you return as some care options require you to go on a waitlist (ie childcare). ⠀

There are many stories of when this does not go well.

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