Looking for ideas, tips or tricks on how to manage the juggle? We are here to help out a mumma!

Often you may wonder how a fellow mumma looks like she has everything well organised.  A little secret - she probably isn't, but is happy to let you think she does.  

To help you out, we get feedback & suggestions from the Working Mumma Community and we like to share their collective wisdoms with you.  If you have a suggestion, we'd love to hear from you! 


Meeting our children's emotional needs to support their learning and development

We are all asking ourselves “how can I manage to homeschool?” This is on top of everything else going on in our lives at the moment before we even start thinking about the teaching aspect.

Consider your return to work before you go on maternity leave

Before you go on maternity leave, it is helpful to plan your return to give you a smooth transition

3 steps to negotiating flexible work so it is a win/win arrangement

During my recent podcast episode with employment Catherine Brooks, we spoke about the post-covid scenario and tips on negotiating flexible work with your employer. ⠀

50 questions to help you in choosing childcare

Looking for a childcare can be tough. How do you know what to look for when selecting suitable care for your children?

Have a laundry schedule to help with family household organisation

To help with the madness, try creating a system or a schedule that works for you.

Write your to-do list for next week before finish work for the week

If you work part time it can often be difficult starting your working day or week after not being around for a day or two.

5 tips to help you transition back to the office post self-isolation

Reflecting before you go back in to understand what are your own expectations of your workplace. Understanding what you need to manage your own expectations and anxiety levels is important when returning to the office.

Include work days & hours in email footer

If you work part time / casual / job share / flexible hours - include your working hours & days in your email signature can help with communication. ⠀

Overcoming self-doubt & lack of confidence when returning to work after maternity leave

Many women experience doubt when they return after maternity leave. But there is light at the end of the tunnel.

10 tips to help you overcome Working from Home Guilt and thrive

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