Seedling Program

Have you recently become a mother and now faced with the prospect of returning to work at some stage?  Your priorities and outlook has changed and you are wondering how you ever worked before!  You have gone from working 40+ hours a week with a highly scheduled calendar to now an empty calendar but a very demanding little human to look after.  There is no manual, no policy & procedure and no two babies are the same.  It can be a VERY overwhelming transition.  

The little human has your undivided attention and returning to work can be a daunting transition.  The work may not have changed, but you certainly have.  Your new little human brings with it a different perspective on life and a w new meaning to work / life balance.  

At Working Mumma, we have developed a program to help you with the transition and prepare you for your return to work.  The program supports you through the topics and emotions of returning to work.  

A four week learning program shared with a group of like-minded career transitioners Seedling harnesses the power of

  • Community

  • Connection

  • Collaboration

Use your career break to build & harness your professional networks to re-launch you in the workplace of the future

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