Tips to breastfeed & express at work

Let's talk about breastfeeding and pumping at work.

At the end of 2020, I put out a survey to working mums seeking their experiences as working parents across the stages of going on maternity leave, returning to work, and managing the juggle. The results are very interesting and I'll release the report shortly.

One topic that regularly came up was the lack of support employers gave in regards to breastfeeding and expressing at work. Many women reported that they weren't supported or provided a reasonable space which is against the law.

The decision to express at work is an entirely personal decision.

Here are some facts to support you in conversations with your employer:

  • If you wish to continue breastfeeding after you return to paid work, you are legally entitled to support from your employer.

  • All states have legislation that protects your right to combine breastfeeding and paid work and is supported by the Federal Sex Discrimination Act 1984

  • If you are being discriminated against as a breastfeeding mother - this is breaking the law

  • It is against the law for an employer to refuse to make arrangements to support women wanting to breastfeed or their needs (i.e. expressing)

  • Speak to your employer to find out where the expressing/ breastfeeding room is - they are required to provide a reasonable space. Often this is first-aid room or prayer room

  • Have a conversation with your employer about your intention to pump and how these breaks might be accommodated during the day

Please note this is for Australia only, I would recommend investigating your countries laws.

As a working mum, it is a stressful period returning to work both for you and your child. Remember fed is best.