5 tips to help you make 2020 your best year yet

Going back to work this week and looking for motivation and inspiration to help get you started in 2020? Here are 5 ways to help you.

Where possible enjoy a nice coffee or tea to ponder the possibilities then write them down to help it go from an idea to something more real and tangible and refer to it throughout the year.

1️⃣ Know your “why” – I love the concept of the Golden Circle by Simon Sinek and a big part of this concept, it not what we do but why. In the new year, take some time to think about your why. This might be in relation to being a working mum and know “why” you are working and what this provides for your children & family. Understanding your “why” can also help with mum guilt.

2️⃣ Dream big - Write down your dreams and don’t limit yourself either – dream big! From what you have written down, identify ways you can work to make those dreams a reality. They could be for this year, the next 5 years, or this decade but there will be incremental steps you can take to make these dreams reality.

3️⃣ Goals - what do you want to do this year? Think about this both personally and professionally. Once you have come up with your goals, then look at steps you can take to achieve these. “From little things, big things grow”.

4️⃣ Stop / Start / Keep from 2019 - Stop doing - what did you tell yourself at the end of 2019 that you didn’t like doing and want to stop this year? Start doing - this is related to your goals and dreams, what can you do to help you move closer. What do you want to keep doing from 2019 that makes you happy?

5️⃣ Ease back into work and routine - you have just had some time off to relax and unwind and you don’t need to go from 0 to 100 straight away. Give yourself a day or two to allow you to mentally return back to work. I often use this time to look at my role and define my professional goals, thinking about what I want to personally achieve, learn and work towards.