Poppy Hepburn

Children: 1

Industry: Advertising & Marketing

How would you best describe yourself?

I would describe myself as an extroverted home-body. I laugh a lot, love even more and try to make life count. I love interior design and figure if you make your home a sanctuary, you’ll never want to leave... I never want to leave :)

How has becoming a parent changed your perception of work and career and what surprised you the most?

Since becoming a parent I’ve realised that time is so very precious and you need to make it count. If I’m going to work in a high-stress job, it has to be for a very good reason i.e achieve our long term goals.

Unfortunately what surprised me the most is that some employers are less than supportive of working mums. Personally I experienced this and am passionate about change.

What advice would you give your younger self about starting a family?

My advice to my younger (and current) self is that it’s never as easy as you think but so worth it, more than words can convey.

What has been your biggest challenge so far across the stages of pregnancy / leave / returning to work?  How have you overcome this?

The biggest challenge I experienced was working for a business who didn’t support working mums. I was the Marketing & Communications Manager for a medium size business and unfortunately my role was replaced prior to maternity leave (while I was on holidays 32 weeks pregnant). Having worked for the business 2 years I was totally blindsided.

Needless to say, I was shocked and confronted that this is faced by many women. Thankfully I now work for a business who is fully supportive of a healthy work life balance, offering a very flexible arrangement.

What strategies / initiatives do you use to help you manage the juggle of being a Working Mumma and family?

Planning is key for me. I meal prep as many meals as I can and opt for easy to prepare meals when I’m arriving home in the bath, bottle bed chaos.

Don’t be afraid to ask for help. I often try and do everything myself but my husband is always more than willing to assist me. Sometimes I just need to ask.