Emma Macey

Children: 2

Industry: Advertising & Marketing

How would you best describe yourself?

I’m an ambitious and driven woman, obsessed about my family, career and friendships. I work full time at Director level in a competitive and young industry but lucky enough to have employers that value my contribution and allow extreme flexibility in my role. I believe anything is possible with the right support. I’m an advocate of a work/life blend and ensuring women choose the right path for them, without pressure. Because of this passion I started a blog as well to inspire and help like minded women: www.mydailyjuggle.com

How has becoming a parent changed your perception of work and career and what surprised you the most?

Since returning to work after children I have come back with even more drive and determination to succeed and I think part of my success has come from having a different perspective - that my career is still hugely important to me but it isn’t everything. People can become one dimensional when it’s just work work work.

What advice would you give your younger self about starting a family?

You can do it all, at the same time - just make sure you find the right support network.

What has been your biggest challenge so far across the stages of pregnancy / leave / returning to work?  How have you overcome this?

After my second child my employer had given my role away and was trying to push me in a different direction. It took confidence to stand my ground and educate them about my rights while still maintaining a great relationship with them. We all left that situation with a new found respect and understanding for each other. Since then I have been an advocate and mentor within the business for parents either planning to take maternity leave or currently on maternity leave.

What strategies / initiatives do you use to help you manage the juggle of being a Working Mumma and family?

Great childcare and a great support network. I believe if there are two working parents in the family then there needs to be a mutual respect and understand to share the juggle. I start work earlier in the day and leave earlier so I pick the kids up after work. My husband starts later and works locally so he does the drop off. I work 1 day a week from home so I can get housework done while I work which allows me the weekend to spend with the family. I have a great mother in law who helps us too. Importantly I make sure I get ‘me’ time when I need it and feel no guilt heading out with my husband or girlfriends. There is no time for guilt being a working parent!