National Flexible Working Day - not a gender topic

Wednesday 22 May is National Flexible Working day. This is a day to celebrate and showcase the benefits of flexible work for both people and organisations. In areas, Australia has improved in relation to flexible working environments, but there is still a long way to go.

In 2017 a joint report "Women in leadership: Lessons from Australian companies leading the way" was published by McKinsey, Workplace Gender Equality Agency (WGEA) and the Business Council of Australia. The report found that 52% of employers in Australia have a flexible working arrangements policy - this leaves 48% who DO NOT. That makes over 1 million employers which is 1 million too many. ⠀ ⠀

The report mentions "Flexible working arrangements need to be available and taken up by men and women, carers and non-carers, managers and nonmanagers to break the perception that working flexibly is a sign that people (often women) are not committed." Sadly breaking this perception is a big step. There is a lot more to flexible work than working from home!⠀ ⠀

To employers, flexible work should not be seen as a negative, but as a positive and this comes back to perception. The productivity gains from having a flexible work policy benefit organisations. Flexible work should be the new normal that helps with assisting in attracting and retaining employees. Sadly, not enough males ask or take up flexible work arrangements and the stigma is left that it is women who are seeking this when in fact this is not gender specific issue. Employers often think 'working from home' is the definition of flexible work arrangements, when in fact it is so much more.

‘We’ve seen improved engagement and lower turnover of our people.’ Zara Bartholomew, Manager Customer Development, Contact Centres, Suncorp

Examples of flexible work can include, but no limited to: ⠀

* Carer's leave⠀

* Part time work⠀

* Unpaid leave⠀

* Flexible hours of work ⠀

* Time - in - lieu ⠀

* Job sharing⠀

* Purchased leave⠀

* Working from home ⠀

* Compressed working week ⠀

As every workplace is different, a method to determine what works best for your employers and organisation is through an ideation workshop. Having a solution tailored for your organisation will allow for employees to feel consulted & engaged in the process. Working Mumma can assist your company with this - feel free to contact us today.

For more information on Flexible Working Day on Wednesday 22 May 2019 - head over to the website ⠀ ⠀