5 ideas to share the mental load of motherhood

Feel like you are doing everything for everyone in your family and not getting much help?

Mum's take on more of the mental load / emotional labour. We remember the school activities, birthdays, and what food we have run out of. No wonder we feel like we have a million things going on at any one time, it's because we do.

BUT we don't have to carry the load on our own. It can be shared with your partner or tribe around you.

Here are 5 ideas to share the mental load of motherhood

  1. Have shared email & calendar with your partner - this allows you both to see emails that are important to you both and saves forwarding them on. Also in managing the social calendar it means not one person knows what is happening. Made a big difference in my household.

  2. Communicate! This is sooo important and can't be underestimated. When communication breaks down that's when cracks appear. If you need help or not feeling right then open the conversation with your partner and hope things change for the better.

  3. Review all the tasks you both do to keep the family functioning - ie washing, cooking, shopping, paying bills etc. Review the division of tasks and see who is able to take responsibility for the different tasks to ensure it is even and you both agree.

  4. Sharing childcare drop off & pick up is useful. This gives time with the kids and getting to know the educators. Also sharing the later start you may have due to drop off and understanding from both parents.

  5. Remove stereotype thinking - just because your mum cooked, cleaned & did the shopping doesn't mean you have to do exactly the same. Generations are different, society is different. Challenge the thinking to allow sharing of roles & responsibilities to help manage your family demands.