3 steps to negotiating flexible work

The workplace we had pre covid will (hopefully) be different post covid for the better. Pre coronavirus, not all organisation were receptive to allowing their employees flexible work, particularly working from home. Post coronavirus, it will be interesting to see how organisations change their behaviours and perceptions for employees that wish to have greater flexibility in their work lives. It is important to remember that the current situation with kids at home is not the optimal scenario of working from home. This is working from home in a pandemic! 😱⠀

I’ve spoken to many people who have said that when they return to the office and “new normal" they will be looking to negotiate their flexible work arrangements. People have enjoyed not having the commute, finding they are more productive, removed some stress, more time for exercise & the list goes on. ⠀

During my recent podcast episode with employment Catherine Brooks, we spoke about the post-covid scenario and tips on negotiating flexible work with your employer. ⠀

She mentioned that often flexible work requests are denied because people have taken the time to plan how it will work for themselves, but not consulted their employer prior to putting in the formal request. Think of a situation that can be win/win for both you and your employer. ⠀

When you are negotiating flexible work here are 3 steps: ⠀

  1. Have an informal conversation with your manager to gauge their interest (you could even start this now)⠀

  2. Follow up the conversation to gain more understanding of the managers interest and needs (i.e. do they require you to be in the office 9am Monday morning for a team meeting) so you can take this into consideration ⠀

  3. Submit a formal request for flexible work⠀

If the request is rejected, have a follow-up conversation with your employer and put forward considerations to see if they are open to finding a middle ground that works for both parties.⠀

Hopefully employers have changed their perceptions of flexible work (especially working from home) so they can be open and supportive of their teams. 🤞⠀

Good luck in navigating the workplace post covid-19.