10 tips to help you overcome Working from Home Guilt and thrive

"Switching off" at the end of the day

Just like a seesaw, we all need to find an even balance between our blurred lines of work and family life and it will go up and down. Each day will be different.

Here are 10 tips to help you “switch off” to help balance work and family/life when working from home:

  1. Develop a routine for the day and week and make it visible. Break the routine down further if this works for you.

  2. Create boundaries between home and work time – finish work at the time you usually would have when you were in the office

  3. Plan out your tasks/goals for the day – when looking at your “to do” list, create a daily, or even a weekly checklist and use this to guide you on what to do. Set yourself times to achieve these tasks if this is something that works for you, or you could use the Pomodoro technique of 25 minutes per task.

  4. Turn off outlook notifications – this helps you stay focused on the task you are doing and not get distracted by that email that has just come it. I find this and helps my focus and answer emails all in one go when I’m between tasks or meetings.

  5. Scheduling time for lunch – you need to make sure you eat & this helps you have a break

  6. Exercise during a call - Go for a walk during a call it's a great opportunity to be active

  7. Changing your mindset by changing your clothes – One thing that I've also found really helpful is changing out of my clothes from my work clothes (aka jeans & jumper) and into some casual clothes (tracksuit pants) at the end of the day to help shift my mindset from work to family life. I used to do this when I was coming home from work, and it's also important to do so now.

  8. If you are working in your study – turn your computer off at the end of the day and shut the door to help you transition between work and home.

  9. If you are working on the dining table (like I am a couple of days a week) – pack away the computer and your work materials at the end of the day. Again, to help with closure for the end of the day.

  10. Keep your “normal” work/office hours at home – a good way to help maintain routine