10 tips to work from home

Wow - Monday already and this working week is going to be very different compared to only a few weeks ago. We are all now rapidly adjusting to the new "normal" - whatever that might be.

Here are 10 tips to help you with the transition to work from home:


✅1. COMMUNICATE, COMMUNICATE, COMMUNICATE! Communication is going to be different but it is still important to engage with people in a different way. When communication breaks down, that's when cracks start appearing.

✅ 2. Mindset - Prepare mind & yourself for working from home and this will require more self-discipline in the way you work. Consider when you work best (morning/afternoon) and think about what task you will do when. Your day will be structured differently as you don't have the commute to work, but you will have more distractions.

✅3. If you don't usually wear your pj's to work, then don't wear them when working from home. This helps being mentally ready for the day and this is by what you are wearing. I know I will be wearing casual clothes but I often put on a little bit of makeup to feel like I'm at work and get in that headspace.

✅ 4. Routine - speak with your partner and family about the daily routine and structure. This will help bring some calm to the chaos around us and give everyone transparency on what they will be doing that day.


✅ 5. Daily check-in calls with a short update from team members (only needs to be 15 mins tops)

✅ 6. Use collaboration tools like trello to help with team tasks or slack for communication and brainstorming

✅7. Leverage company shared communication platform like Yammer etc

✅8. Start a WhatsApp group with your work colleagues

✅9. Give someone a call rather than send an email (Email will still be around!)


✅10. Self-care - important in your daily routine that you include time for YOU to fill YOUR cup. By only a small walk to the office, you will have possibly up to 2+ hours extra in your day that you can use by not working and instead focusing on you.

We are shifting to #futureofwork quicker than expected but if we support each other we can get through this 💓