Training programs for employers

Navigating your organisation can be tricky with 5 different generations in the workforce today.  Employers have greater social & emotional responsibility for their teams more than any other time in history.  

In an ideal world, parenting is shared by both parents and it does not solely fall onto one person only.  It takes a village to raise a family and a member of this village are employers.  As much as you may think you are employing one person to do a job, you are in reality employing their family.  When people becoming parents career choices and financial decisions are much more under the microscope than before.  Your workplace policies around flexible work or parental leave may determine if a key candidate chooses to work for your firm or not.  


Many organisations are unsure about how to navigate topics to help them prepare for their future workforce.   Unsure what is best practice and how to implement flexible workplace practices, job sharing and understanding the legal requirements.  

This is where the Working Mumma programs are here to help.  

The future is here and the time is now to begin - contact us today! 

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