About Working Mumma

Working Mumma aims to provide real-world inspiration to all working mothers on how they can have a career, family and hopefully one day break the glass ceiling.  

The tools, resources and inspiration available here are all aimed at helping women from all walks of life who are planning a family, pregnant, on maternity leave or working with children.  

The concept had its genesis during Carina O’Brien’s pregnancy. With maternity leave approaching, she went searching for inspiration as she approached this new phase in her life. Determined to return to her successful career in communications, she found herself disappointed by the lack of useful tools, tips and hints available to her and other career-minded mothers.

After many years’ criticizing senior management for not promoting women, she came to the realisation of how the female mindset changes during pregnancy. 

Through both of these conundrums, the concept of Working Mumma was created. 

Carina and the team would welcome your valuable input into the Working Mumma Village and would like you to join our Facebook community to share your experiences, questions and insights into managing motherhood while also raising a family.  

Meet Carina O'Brien


Carina has had a varied career working for SMEs to Multinationals and Universities in between.  She started off her career in IT, before moving into the sports industry and managing the venues of one of Melbourne's largest sports facilities then through a connection she met whilst doing her Masters of Management she transitioned back into the corporate world, working in strategy then communications.  

During her first week of uni, a guy asked her "why are you studying IT, this is a guys industry"and her response was "why not".  Throughout her career, this question has spurred Carina on to prove to others of what can be achieved through hard work, a strong work ethic and determination.  She has continuously advocated for the promotion of women in the workplace, considering many of her employers have been male dominated. 


It wasn't until she fell pregnant did she reflect that it was partially a women's mindset that changed with having a child and this changed the goal posts with a career, but looking at how others can manage the juggle - a career was still possible.  Over the past 9 months whilst on maternity leave (or as Carina also calls it, a "career break''), Carina has been formulating ideas for Working Mumma and can't wait to see what the future brings.  

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We believe all women can embrace who they are,
can define their future, and can change the world.

Join the community

Join the Working Mumma Community and engage with other mothers in a supportive and respectful community.  The group has been set up to be a safe environment for Working Mumma's to ask questions, seek advice, share experiences in a vibrant and supportive community. 



One aspect of Working Mumma is celebrating and sharing the stories of working mothers. The aim is to share one story of a working mumma each week #inspiringmummas to support and inspire others. If you would like to share your experiences, please click here.  

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