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Are you a mum managing kids, schedules, career, and the overall family? 

Are you looking for tips, tricks & inspiration to help you in managing the juggle? 

Feeling like you are chasing your tail on having a career and family? 

Look no further, Working Mumma is here to help! 

Working Mumma helps you manage your career and family and thrive!    

We have tools, resources, and inspiration to help women from all walks of life who are planning a family, pregnant, on maternity leave or working with children.

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Are you a working parent looking for advice, inspiration and learning how others also manage the juggle? This podcast is for you!
The Working Mumma podcast provides you with real-world tips, tricks and advice to all working mums (& dads) on how you can thrive in having a career and family. 

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"We expect women to work like they don't have children
and raise children as if they don't work"

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Working Mumma aims to provide real-world inspiration to all working mothers on how they can have a career, family and hopefully one day break the glass ceiling.